Heartbeat Teddybear

A Great Gift - Heartbeat Teddybear

Our Heartbeat Teddybear Animals are unique because you get to record your unborn baby's heartbeat, and put that recording inside one of our teddybear animals. How exciting that you can record your baby's heartbeat when you are only 10 weeks pregnant! This makes a great gift for absent moms and dads, parents, grandparents and friends. The heartbeat teddybear is also a great gift for your other children. If they are having difficulty accepting that you are pregnant, then getting them their own heartbeat teddybear with your new baby's heartbeat will help them to bond with the new baby. They will be eager to meet their new baby brother or baby sister!

Teagan Ali

Rachel and James Duffy lost their newborn baby, Teagan Ali to a disease called Triploidy. Triploidy is a very rare chromosomal disorder. Normal people inherit 23 chromosomes from their mother and 23 from their father, for a total of 46.

Someone with triploidy inherited 23 chromosomes from one parent, but 46 from the another parent, for a total of 69 chromosomes. It is estimated that 1% of all pregnancies are triploidy, but the majority of those pregnancies are lost via miscarriage in the 1st trimester. Of the pregnancies that continue, 99% die in utero or are stillborn.

The statistics for surviving birth with triploidy is somewhere between 1 in 1,200 to 1 in 10,000.

Teagan was born full term and survived birth. She lived for six days, but more than that, she touched many peoples lives and hearts including ours at Unique Ultrasound!

Rachel, James and their son came in during their pregnancy with Teagan Ali for ultrasounds knowing that they were going to loose their baby shortly after birth. Rachel is now pregnant again with twins (what a blessing) and they took photos with our heart-beat teddy bear. This photo shows their son holding the teddy bear that has a recording of Teagan Ali's heartbeat. Visit the Teagan Ali Facebook page here.

Baby's Heartbeat

Holding a teddybear with your baby's heartbeat makes your pregnancy much more real to those you love. Your parents, once they hold one of these teddybears and listen to that heartbeat will find themselves even more excited about the upcoming birth of their grandchild! It makes the miracle of life more real to them. It is also a very precious way of demonstrating that there is a real, live baby inside you. In those rare occasions when you feel there maybe someone that needs to know that you are carrying another life inside, that your baby truly is a little person, our heartbeat teddybear removes any argument they may have.

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Recording Your Baby's Heartbeat

Recording your baby's heartbeat is very easy, and there is a zippered compartment in the teddybears for you to insert the recording. Then when ever your teddybear is squeezed everyone can hear your baby's heartbeat. (click here to listen to an example) We have had people buy three of these teddybears to give to their parents, their in-laws, even to their Army husband who was away from home, it gave him his first chance to hear his baby’s heartbeat. The heartbeat teddybear makes a special gift from your baby to everyone that holds it, making a great bonding experience. Read what other’s have said by clicking here.

Comfort for the Mom-to-Be

But in addition the heartbeat teddybear can be a real comfort to the mom-to-be. During those times when you just need to hear your baby's heart-beat, all you need to do is hug your heartbeat teddybear. It is a special treat while you are pregnant and becomes a life-long memento. However, as your child grows up, you will be torn, should you give your heartbeat teddy bear to your child so they can hear their own heartbeat, or should you keep it for yourself? Our advice is to buy two, because once you hear your baby's heartbeat in our teddybear you will not want to part with it, ever! But it will make a special gift to your son or daughter when they grow up.

Pregnancy Peace of Mind

Our heartbeat teddybear can also give peace of mind to any woman going through a difficult pregnancy, it is comforting to be able to hold this teddybear, imagine you are holding your baby, and enjoy being comforted by listening to its heartbeat. It is fun and an inexpensive way to bond with your baby.

Share the joy of your baby's heartbeat with a heartbeat teddy bear. For more info, email us now at info@uniqueultrasound.com or call at (951) 694-8388. We are conveniently located in the Murrieta area at:
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Author: Unique Ultrasound

Heartbeat Teddy Bear

Heartbeat Teddy Bears: A plush 8" or 16” Teddy Bear Animal with your baby’s heartbeat that is a lifetime keepsake!

heartbeat teddybear
We ship today with a handwritten gift card!

We’ll mail you a beautiful, plush 8" or 16” teddybear and a recording device. Take the recording device to your next prenatal doctor’s appointment and while you and your doctor listen to your baby’s heartbeat, you record it with the recording device (very easy and instructions are included). This recording can be done as early as 13 weeks!

You then insert it into the bear, next to the heart and each time you squeeze it, you’ll be able to hear your little ones heartbeat! The Bear has a zipper in the back, so no sewing is required.

This makes a great gift for Moms and Dads-to-be, Dads that are deployed and Grandparents! It is also a fun way to share with your family and friends that you are expecting!

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